Supplementary Agenda

9 April 2013



Cr Bill Taylor, Mayor

Cr Russell Fitzpatrick, Deputy Mayor

Cr Tony Allen

Cr Michael Britten

Cr Keith Hughes

Cr Ann Mawhinney

Cr Kristy McBain

Cr Liz Seckold

Cr Sharon Tapscott


General Manager, Mr Peter Tegart

Group Manager Infrastructure, Waste and Water, Mr Wayne Sartori

Group Manager Planning and Environment, Mr Andrew Woodley

Community and Relationships, Ms Leanne Barnes

Minute Secretary





The Agendas for Council Meetings and Council Reports for each meeting are available from 5.00 pm one week prior to each Ordinary Meeting, on Council’s website.  A hard copy is also made available to each Library Branch and at the Bega Administration Building reception desk.

The Minutes of Committee and Council Meetings are available from 5.00pm on Council's Web Site on the Friday after the Meeting on Councils website and hard copies distributed with the Agenda for the following meeting.

1.      Please be aware that the recommendations in the Council Meeting Agenda are recommendations to the Council for consideration.  They are not the resolutions (decisions) of Council.

2.      Background for reports is provided by staff to the General Manager for his presentation to Council.

3.      The Council may adopt these recommendations, amend the recommendations, determine a completely different course of action, or it may decline to pursue any course of action.

4.      The decision of the Council becomes the resolution of the Council, and is recorded in the Minutes of that meeting.

5.      The Minutes of each Council meeting are published in draft format, and are confirmed, with amendments by Councillors if necessary, at the next available Council Meeting.

If you require any further information or clarification regarding a report to Counci, please contact Council’s Executive Assistant who can provide you with the appropriate contact details

         Phone (6499 2104) or email execassist@begavalley.nsw.gov.au.



Ethical decision making

Is the decision or conduct legal?

Is it consistent with Government policy, Council’s objectives and Code of Conduct?

What will the outcome be for you, your colleagues, the Council, anyone else?

Does it raise a conflict of interest?

Do you stand to gain personally at public expense?

Can the decision be justified in terms of public interest?

Would it withstand public scrutiny?

Conflict of interest

A conflict of interest is a clash between private interest and public duty. There are two types of conflict:

Pecuniary – regulated by the Local Government Act and Department of Local Government

Non-pecuniary – regulated by Codes of Conduct and policy. ICAC, Ombudsman, Department of Local Government (advice only).  If declaring a Non-Pecuniary Conflict of Interest, Councillors can choose to either disclose and vote, disclose and not vote or leave the Chamber.

The test for conflict of interest

Is it likely I could be influenced by personal interest in carrying out my public duty?

Would a fair and reasonable person believe I could be so influenced?

Conflict of interest is closely tied to the layperson’s definition of ‘corruption’ – using public office for private gain.

Important to consider public perceptions of whether you have a conflict of interest.

Identifying problems

1st     Do I have private interests affected by a matter I am officially involved in?

2nd    Is my official role one of influence or perceived influence over the matter?

3rd    Do my private interests conflict with my official role?


Whilst seeking advice is generally useful, the ultimate decision rests with the person concerned.

Agency advice

Officers of the following agencies are available during office hours to discuss the obligations placed on Councillors, officers and community committee members by various pieces of legislation, regulation and codes.





Bega Valley Shire Council

(02) 6499 2222




8281 5999

Toll Free 1800 463 909



Division of Local Government (DPC)

(02) 4428 4100



NSW Ombudsman

(02) 8286 1000

Toll Free 1800 451 524




TO:   The General Manager
Bega Valley Shire Council


Disclosure of pecuniary interests / non-pecuniary conflict of interests

In accordance with the Council’s Code of Meeting Practice and the requirements of the Local Government Act  and regulations or dispensation issued by the Division of Local Government  I hereby disclose the following pecuniary interests and/or non-pecuniary conflict of interests at the meeting as indicated below:

Ordinary meeting held on _____ / _____ / 20___

dd               mm                  yy


Item no & subject



Interest (tick one)

Pecuniary interest                                    Non-pecuniary conflict of interest


* Nature of interest



If Non-pecuniary  (tick one)

 Disclose & vote        Disclose & not vote          Leave chamber





Item no & subject



Interest (tick one)

Pecuniary interest                                    Non-pecuniary conflict of interest


* Nature of interest



If Non-pecuniary  (tick one)

 Disclose & vote        Disclose & not vote          Leave chamber







Print Name



*  Note:   Under the provisions of Section 451(1) of the Local Government Act 1993 (pecuniary interests) and Part 6.11 of the Model Code of Conduct prescribed by the Local Government (Discipline) Regulation 2004 (conflict of interests) it is necessary for you to disclose the nature of the interest when making a disclosure of a pecuniary interest or a non-pecuniary conflict of interest at a meeting.



Supplementary AGENDA

6     Mayoral Minutes

6.1              Mayor Minute - Nanyang Delegation April 2013.................................. 7

11   Staff Reports – Accessibility

In accordance with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice, this section of the agenda will be chaired by Councillor Surname.

11.6             Traffic Committee Approval Anzac Day............................................ 10

14   Delegates Reports

14.2             ALGWA Conference March 2013..................................................... 12



Council                                                                                                              10 April 2013


6.1   Mayoral Minute – Nanyang Delegation




Earlier this year, Council met with representatives of the City of Nanyang in the Henan province China, to discuss areas of common interest and business opportunities. A report to Council later agreed to establish a relationship and develop marketing/business materials in Chinese. On April 23 2013, eight community delegates from the Bega Valley Shire representing the Bega Valley Business Forum, the Merimbula Chamber of Commerce, Sapphire Coast Tourism, a local operator and Council will travel to Nanyang for 8 days with the purpose of developing a friendship with Nanyang and promoting Tourism, Business and Education in our region. The community and council representatives are travelling at their own cost.

Whilst every effort was made to include all three areas of interest, unfortunately we were not able to secure a representative for Education, such as University of Wollongong and Illawarra TAFE. The City of Nanyang has a town called Wolong gang – hence the interest. Given the short time frame to organise the delegation, the Educational faculties were restricted by funding arrangements and time constraints for approval. However, every effort will be made network with Education providers whilst in Nanyang to encourage a partnership with the Bega Valley.

Bega Cheese were invited, but had only just returned from a similar delegation to China. The company has provided a letter of introduction and some gifts.

The official head of the delegation is Cr Michael Britten. Ms Vicky Chang is the official interpreter and will be accompanying the group from Sydney for the journey.

The delegation will be greeted by Mr Michael Guo, CEO of The Australia International Trade Association (AITA), Australia China Sister City Summit & Australia China Business Summit. Mr Guo and his team have been integral in forming the friendship relationship, coordinating travel and business arrangements and has worked to ensure that the delegation will benefit from all areas visited. Mr Guo assisted Council’s preparation of promotional material to the APEC Convention (Australian Pacific Economic Community) attended by Cr Britten last year in Chengdu.

Delegates will arrive in Beijing, then travel overland by train to Nanyang City where they will visit the Nanyang University of Technology and Engineering and meet with the heads of Nanyang city, the Bureaus of Commerce and Education and  the president of the Association of Industry and Commerce, to negotiate about the cooperation of business, trade, education, agriculture and tourism between Nanyang City and Bega Valley Shire.

It is proposed to sign the intention contract to be cooperation cities, to establish the foundation of the partnership between Nanyang city and Bega Valley Shire.

The delegation also meets with Tanghe County Court and Education leaders, followed by a meeting with the Mayor of Dengzhou, Bureau Chief, Director of Education, and local business men. There has already been interest in investment and freight through Eden, a matter that has been highlighted in the Bega Valley business sessions to be presented.  

A letter of cooperation between Bega Valley Shire and Nanyang City has been prepared along the lines of that undertaken with Ordos in 2011. I propose to execute that document for Cr Britten, as head of the delegation, to present to the dignitaries.






1.         That Council approve the delegation to Nanyang, Henan Province, China for the purpose of developing a friendship and promoting Tourism, Business and Education in our region

2.         That Council endorse the letter of cooperation between Bega Valley and Nanyang City, and endorse Cr Britten as head of the delegation.

3.         That Council acknowledge the support and assistance provided by Mr Michael Guo of AITA in coordinating the delegation and associated business meetings.


staff reports – infrastructure Waste and Water (Accessibility)


10 April 2013

In accordance with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice (2011), this section of the agenda will be chaired by Councillor Fitzpatrick.  

11.6         Traffic Committee Approval Anzac Day....................................... 10


Council 10 April 2013                                                                                        Item 11.6


11.6.       Traffic Committee Approval Anzac Day     


This report recommends that Council adopt the advice of the Bega Valley Local Traffic Committee meeting held on 3 April 2013 in regard to the arrangements for the Anzac Day March and Service at Cobargo.



General Manager  



The Bega Valley Local Traffic Committee held a meeting on 3 April 2013. It is a requirement that Council formally adopts the recommendations, prior to action being taken.  Traffic Committee Item 4.1 from that meeting regarding arrangements for the Anzac Day March and Service at Cobargo needs to be formally adopted as urgent business.  All other items from the Traffic Committee meeting of 3 April 2013 will be endorsed.






1          That Council consider Item ‘Traffic Committee Approval Anzac Day’ as urgent business to enable the Cobargo event to proceed on 25 April 2013

2          That Council note the advice of the Bega Valley Local Traffic Committee meeting held on 6 March 2013 and approve the following:

Anzac Day March and Service - Cobargo

i         That the proposed traffic arrangements for the Cobargo RSL Sub Branch Anzac Day March on 25 April 2013 be approved and deemed a Class 1 special event.

ii        That sections of Council road at Cobargo Bermagui Road and Tarlinton Street in Cobargo be temporarily closed on Thursday, 25 April 2013 for the Cobargo RSL Sub Branch Anzac Day March, in accordance with Traffic Control Plan 3827.

iii       That the temporary closure of the Princes Highway, Cobargo is a matter solely for Roads and Maritime Services.


Council                                                                                                              10 April 2013



Delegates Reports


10 April 2013


14.2         ALGWA Conference March 2013............................................... 12


Council 10 April 2013                                                                                        Item 14.2


14.2.       ALGWA Conference March 2013     


Presenting a report from Councillors Ann Mawhinney, Liz Seckold who attended the Australian Local Government Women’s Association Conference in March 2013.




Strong Actions New Directions (SAND) was the chosen theme for the 2013 NSW Australian Local Government Women’s Association (ALGWA) Conference 14 – 16 March.

Councillors Seckold and Mawhinney welcomed the opportunity to participate in, and network with one hundred women at this sixtieth annual event held at Ettalong in the Gosford City Council.

Aunty Anita Selwyn welcomed attendees and Julie Griffiths (the retiring ALGWA President) read a letter of encouragement from the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and outlined the history of ALGWA lamenting the fact that among boards, executives and politicians only 27% have female representatives. This has not changed in the last 20 years!

Leonie Baldwin from the Central Coast and former Regional Co-ordinator NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet gave the opening address urging delegates to be prepared to take calculated risks, use their initiative, appreciate a person for his\her skills rather than his\her character, ask questions, use networks, share information with council staff, do the necessary research and homework thoroughly, know your own skills and respect yourself to make ethical and honest decisions.

Kath Roach Managing Director of Sinc Solutions conducted the plenary session giving sound advice on improving what we do:

·    Commitment is important “If you want a successful business you cannot have life balance.”

·    When confronting issues “put out the fires before they start”

·    The art of good communication is to “get to the point”.  Don’t grand stand

EMAZON was an energised young woman, a motivational speaker from STAND YOUR GROUND putting your ideas into action;

·    To make good decisions the brain needs to be in alpha mode – calm

·    Far too often in our busy lives, adrenalin is pumped through the system in small doses. When adrenaline is continually pumped through the system this disturbs brain waves which means making decisions is difficult

·    Physical calming activities assist with decision making and were demonstrated

Michelle Landy demonstrated that confidence or portraying yourself as confident (even though you may not be) can be an invisible success secret;

·    Practice is important

·    Managing your thoughts “Of course I’m scared”

·    Attempting new things regularly helps.

Leadership in Action - Gosford City Council has 1200 employees. Their Aspiring Managers Program (grow your own leaders) targets succession planning. We heard personal stories from 10 employees from Planning and Development who gave accounts of mentoring experience and acting managers and studying for Advanced Diploma in Management.

Dealing with minority groups

Two Case studies were presented by Gosford Council senior staff on how to identify and harness minority groups (the young, disabled, indigenous, elderly) enthusiasm, expertise and often unique talents within a community.

Rob Noble and Veronica Lunn spoke on building, improving and maintaining meaningful relationships. Delegates were asked to select the personality type most like themselves. Each ‘type’ was discussed and analysed. This was based on the works of Daniels and Price The Essential Enneagram. Thought provoking!

Emotional Intelligence by Colleen Worthy Jennings naturally evolved from this and the discussion centered on the importance of self-awareness, management of emotions and awareness of other’s emotions.

Maximising Your Relationship With The Media was conducted by journalist Jayne-Maree Sedgman. Her tips were to use plain English, not jargon and acronymns. Any photos, film clips or print are helpful as is recognising news value and what makes headlines. Key notes;

·    impact

·    timeliness

·    conflict

·    prominence

·    human interest

·    proximity

·    novelty

·    currency

On the 16th March our MC and stand-up comedian Dana Maray began the proceedings with a workshop on Public Speaking and made the following observations;

·    be yourself, be natural

·    use conversational mode

·    find your unique voice \ style

·    speak as you would normally speak

·    be ‘real’, let the audience in

·    practise out loud

·    strip it back to essentials

·    know who you are speaking to and why

·    be aware of reasons for your speech – inform, entertain, inspire, enact, change, persuade

·    structure

good opening grab the audience attention (quote, joke, something topical)

link ideas and themes

signpost (tell, elaborate, retell)

logical and memorable conclusion

use humour (this builds rapport)

dull? dry? not what but how

use personal stories and anecdotes

act out stories

put yourself in the audience place, what would you like them to take away, to remember?

This was followed by the Value of Having a Mentor by Melanie Wass. Participants were asked to reflect upon the influence of a significant other in their lives and what they could contribute as mentors.

Inspirational messages were delivered by Manager Pam McCann, General Manager Vanessa Chan and Mayor of Lismore Jenny Dowell.

The ALGWA’s Annual General Meeting wound up the formal proceeding. Retiring President Julie Griffiths spoke about the importance of encouraging gender balance at Local Government level and handed over the Presidency to Colleen Fuller and Secretary Bev Spearpoint.

Discussion of the Special Resolution was held to discuss changes and amendments to the ALGWA NSW Constitution as well as the importance of the recognition of Local Government in the Australian Constitution.

Delegates were thanked for their attendance and their self-belief in standing for, and being elected to Local Government.  They were reminded by a ninety year old member that she was proud to be an “old has-been rather than a never was-er.”