Extraordinary  Meeting Minutes

Held on Wednesday, 27 February 2019

at Council Chambers, Biamanga Room Bega Valley Commemorative Civic Centre Bega commencing at 10.00 am



Cr Kristy McBain, Mayor

Cr Mitchell Nadin, Deputy Mayor

Cr Tony Allen

Cr Robyn Bain

Cr Jo Dodds

Cr Russell Fitzpatrick

Cr Cathy Griff

Cr Sharon Tapscott

Cr Liz Seckold

 In Attendance

General Manager, Ms Leanne Barnes

Director, Assets and Operations, Mr Anthony McMahon

Director,  Community, Environment and Planning, Dr Alice Howe

Director, Business and Governance, Mr Graham Stubbs

Executive Manager People and Governance, Ms Nina Churchward

Coordinator Communications and Events, Ms Cassandra Margules

Minute Secretary, Mrs Bec Jones



Statement of Commencement of Live Streaming

The Mayor noted the Council IT staff were working on the live streaming system.

Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners of Bega Valley Shire

I would like to commence by acknowledging, on behalf of Bega Valley Shire Council the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters of the Shire – the people of Yuin nation and show our respect to elders past and present.




There were no apologies


2.    Declarations

There were no declarations of interest



Deputations (by prior arrangement)

Request to address Council received following finalisation of the Agenda

The following requests to address Council were received after finalisation of the Agenda:

Item No 3.1 Quarterly Budget Review Statement – 31 December 2018

·        Mr David Jesson

RESOLVED unanimously on the motion of Crs Tapscott and Nadin

That the deputations be heard.

Mr Jesson addressed the Council.

RESOLVED unanimously on the motion of Crs Tapscott and Nadin

That Mr Jesson be granted an additional two minutes to complete his address.



Meeting Disbanded


RESOLVED on the motion of Crs Tapscott and Dodds

1.    That as per Clause 10.2.1  of the Code of Meeting Practice the meeting be abandoned due to there being no written request for such a meeting signed by two Councillors to request the meeting

2.    That an Urgent Extraordinary Meeting be reconvened for 27 February 2019 at 11:00am.

In favour:              Crs Bain, Nadin, Griff, McBain, Seckold, Tapscott and Dodds

Against:                  Crs Fitzpatrick and Allen



There being no further business, the Chairperson closed the meeting at 10:10 am.




Chairperson of the meeting of the Bega Valley Shire Council held on Wednesday 27 February 2019 at 10:00am at which meeting the signature hereon was subscribed.