Record of Public Forum



11 November 2020





Public Forum Agenda

11 November 2020

Public Forum


4.1       Public Forum Submissions Recieved.......................................................................... 3   


Public Forum Agenda

11 November 2020

4.1Public Forum Submissions Recieved     

Deputations for the Public Forum of 11 November 2020 were received and circulated to Councillors.

Mayor, Russell Fitzpatrick


Public Forum

Held on Wednesday 11 November 2020 at 12:00 noon

Via Zoom


Cr Russell Fitzpatrick Mayor

Cr Liz Seckold, Deputy Mayor

Cr Tony Allen

Cr Robyn Bain

Cr Jo Dodds (partially absent)

Cr Cathy Griff

Cr Kristy McBain

Cr Mitchell Nadin


In Attendance:

General Manager, Ms Leanne Barnes

Director, Assets and Operations, Mr Anthony McMahon

Director,  Community, Environment and Planning, Dr Alice Howe

Director, Business and Governance, Ms Iliada Bolton

Project Lead – Recovery, Rebuilding and Resilience, Mr Chris Horsburgh

Manager, Communication and Events, Ms Emily Harrison

Minute Secretary, Mrs Bec Jones


Statement of Commencement of Live Streaming

The Mayor made an announcement about live streaming requirements noting that:

Public Forums are recorded and live streamed to the Internet for public viewing.

The recording will be archived and made available on Council’s website

Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians of Bega Valley Shire

The Mayor commenced by acknowledging, on behalf of Bega Valley Shire Council, the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters of the Shire, the people of Yuin nation, to show respect to elders past and present.


Apologies were received from Cr Cathy Griff and Cr Kristy McBain.

Amendment to Order of Speakers

A request from Mr Stephen Dobbie to speak following Mr Howard Bartholomuesz was approved by the Mayor.




Public Forum Addresses

The following addresses were heard regarding:

Item 11.1 Risk to residents due to significant degradation of Woodlands Lane Bald Hills














Mr Howard Bartholomeusz



Audio Visual via Zoom

1. Changes to Roads Act 1 July 2018
2. Phased approach to maintaining Woodlands Lane
3. Funding options
4. Apply a transparent industry standard estimation process for roadworks
5. Increased road-use
6. Climate change and current La Nina


Mr Stephen Dobbie


Audio Visual via Zoom

I would like to address and support previous correspondence sent to Council and the NSW State Government regarding the ongoing maintenance of the road by discussing the following points:

1.     Changes to the Roads Act to allow the transfer of the road to the Council.

2.     Process used to estimate costs for roadworks.

3.     Phased approach to maintaining Woodlands Lane and funding associated with this approach.


Mr Robert Crewe


Audio Visual via Zoom

Commencing in 1992 when Council approved a 4 lot subdivision, including road dimension and compaction specifications, they have allowed development but have denied responsibility because it is a Crown Road.
After nearly 15 years of using the "Crown Road" excuse , allowing more development, collecting more rates, risking residents safe access it is time to listen and look for a workable staged solution. This recommendation does nothing to alleviate residents concerns detailed in numerous past letters and representations to council and councillors.


The Public Forum session closed at 12:35pm

The recording of the Public Forum is available on Council’s website: