Declassified Council Reports

9 November 2018



Cr Kristy McBain, Mayor

Cr Mitchell Nadin, Deputy Mayor

Cr Tony Allen

Cr Robyn Bain

Cr Jo Dodds

Cr Russell Fitzpatrick

Cr Cathy Griff

Cr Sharon Tapscott

Cr Liz Seckold


General Manager, Ms Leanne Barnes

Director, Assets and Operations, Mr Anthony McMahon

Director,  Community, Environment and Planning, Mr Anthony Basford

Director, Business and Governance, Mr Graham Stubbs

Executive Manager People and Governance, Ms Nina Churchward

Coordinator Communications and Events

Minute Secretary





Declassified Council Reports

31 October 2018

Item 1.1 - Attachment 1

Item 12.6 Management and Operation of Merimbula Airport including declassified confidential attachment



1.1.   Declassification of attachment item 12.6 Council meeting 31 October 2018      

Report to provide copy of declassified memorandum to the community.


General Manager  


On 31 October 2018 Council Resolved:

12.6     Management and Operation of Merimbula Airport

1.           That Council accept the conclusions and information as outlined in the report.

2.           That Council note that Council are required to hold the Aerodrome Certification in accordance with CASA Regulation and are required to appoint Approved Person(s) with the necessary experience of aerodrome planning, maintenance and operation.

3.           That in accordance with Government Act Chapter 6 Part 3 Division1 Section 55 3 i) ‘a contract where, because of extenuating circumstances, remoteness of locality or the unavailability of competitive or reliable tenderers, a council decides by resolution (which states the reasons for the decision) that a satisfactory result would not be achieved by inviting tenders’

4.           Council enter into negotiations with Merimbula Airport Handling for the Operation and Management of Merimbula Airport for a contract for two (2) years with an option to extend a further one (1 year) until the runway and terminal extension works are completed in accordance with existing contract documentation RFT 48/16.

5.           That authority is delegated to the General Manager to enter into negotiations with Airport Agencies and to execute all necessary documentation

6.           That Council make the Confidential Attachment to this report public.


As resolved in point 6 above the following Councillor Only attachment:

·    Confidential Memo - Management & Operation of Merimbula Airport (Councillor Only)

Is now declassified and a full copy of the report and confidential memo is attached.


1.         Item 12.6 Management and Operation of Merimbula Airport including declassified confidential attachment