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An Ordinary Meeting of the Bega Valley Shire Council will be held at Council Chambers, Biamanga Room Bega Valley Commemorative Civic Centre Bega on
Wednesday, 21 November 2018 commencing at 2.00 pm to consider and resolve
on the matters set out in the attached Agenda.

Supplementary Agenda





Cr Kristy McBain, Mayor

Cr Mitchell Nadin, Deputy Mayor

Cr Tony Allen

Cr Robyn Bain

Cr Jo Dodds

Cr Russell Fitzpatrick

Cr Cathy Griff

Cr Sharon Tapscott

Cr Liz Seckold


General Manager, Ms Leanne Barnes

Director, Assets and Operations, Mr Anthony McMahon

Acting Director,  Community, Environment and Planning, Mr Keith Tull

Director, Business and Governance, Mr Graham Stubbs

Executive Manager People and Governance, Ms Nina Churchward

Coordinator Communications and Events

Minute Secretary




Council      21 November 2018


Supplementary Agenda


12   Staff Reports – Infrastructure, Waste and Water Accessibility

In accordance with the resolution of Council 20 September 2017, this section of the agenda will be chaired by the Mayor

12.9             Forestry Corporation of NSW intent to undertake forestry operations within the Towamba area.............................................................................................. 4.







21 November 2018



Staff Reports – Infrastructure Waste And Water


21 November 2018


12.9            Forestry Corporation of NSW intent to undertake forestry operations within the Towamba area........................................................................... 4

Council 21 November 2018

Item 12.9


12.9. Forestry Corporation of NSW intent to undertake forestry operations within the Towamba area      


Forestry Corporation of NSW (FCNSW) are currently proposing to undertake a forestry operation within the Towamba Valley with the proposal as it stands including the use of the Towamba and Burragate Roads.


Director Assets and Operations   



Officers Recommendation

1.        That Council advocate Forestry Corporation NSW and the Forestry Minister to not use the Towamba and Burragate Roads for the proposed Towamba Valley Forestry Operation.

2.        That Council support the use of Pericoe Road within the public road network on the condition that all structural improvements necessary including on bridges are undertaken at Forestry Corporation NSW’s expense and to Council’s satisfaction.

3.        All necessary maintenance and safety requirements relating to the public road network are met by Forestry Corporation NSW for the duration of the operation  in accordance with a signed MoU


Executive Summary

The Towamba and Burragate communities have expressed strong opposition to FCNSW’s proposed use of the Towamba/Burragate roads for a planned forestry operation within the Towamba Valley with a viable alternative proposed.


Several months ago Council staff received notification from FCNSW in relation to their intentions to undertake forestry operations within the Towamba area. At the time FCNSW advised they were still exploring freight route options and were advised by Council staff to avoid utilising the public road network as much possible.

FCNSW have recently notified Council of their intention to utilise the Towamba and Burragate roads at the same time as notifying the community of their intensions.

At a community meeting held on 13 November 2018 by FCNSW it was apparent that the vast majority of the effected community were strongly opposed to FCNSW utilising the Towamba and Burragate roads. There did not appear to be any clear objections to the operation itself.

Following the meeting Council has received correspondence from the Towamba Progress Association and other members of the community attached for reference which reinforces the community’s position.

There is an obvious alternate route that is the preferred route of the community and is not considered to negatively impact the Forestry Operation. The alternate route involves linking to Pericoe Road and heading south to Imlay Road before mowing either East or West. This alternative significantly reduces the use of the public road network and conflicts with general traffic. It would require upgrade to two bridges.

Concept estimates are in the order of $550k for the two bridge replacements.

An MOU is to be prepared between Council and FCNSW’s to ensure the appropriate level of maintenance and repair works are undertaken over and after the proposed logging works


Council does have the ability through several mechanisms to limit or direct routes that are available for use by the forestry operation. Each of the options is likely to have different impacts.

Two key options to limit the utilisation of the roads referred to are to advocate to FCNSW and the NSW Minister for Forestry to utilise the alternate route or to put blanket load limitations on the Towamba and Burragate roads (this would have the consequence of impacting non-forestry traffic as well as forestry traffic).

Community Engagement

Consultation undertaken

As referred to above, FCNSW held a community meeting on 13 November 2018 to advise the community of their intentions.

Following the meeting Council has received correspondence from members of the Community that is attached for reference.

Financial and resource considerations

Irrespective of what route FCNSW intend to utilise for their operation it is important that Council ensures the community is not financially burdened by the operation, particularly through the deterioration of infrastructure. Likewise, the need for any capital infrastructure improvements to cater for the operation should be the responsibility of FCNSW.

It is also important to note that FCNSW do not pay rates to Council.

Council currently has a funding application into the NSW Fixing Country Roads Program to upgrade and seal the Towamba and Burragate Roads.

Impacts on Strategic/Operational/Asset Management Plan/Risk

Strategic Alignment

The Towamba and Burragate Roads have not been designed or constructed to cater for the volume of heavy vehicles proposed to be used during the forestry operation. Should they be utilised for the trucking operation it is anticipated that the asset life would be significantly reduced (meaning it would need to be re-sheeted far sooner than scheduled) as well needing increased additional maintenance. Without undertaking comprehensive engineering assessments staff believe the cost of strengthening or replacing the two small bridges perceived as barriers on the Pericoe Road would involve lower cost than the ongoing maintenance and expected compensation for reduced asset life on Towamba and Burragate Roads.

Social / Cultural

The community have expressed strong concerns over significantly increased heavy vehicle traffic utilising the Towamba and Burragate Roads. At the community meeting FCNSW indicated they expected traffic volumes to be in the order of 18 heavy vehicle movements per day for a period of 3-4 years (noting there may be seasonal variations that impact these volumes). At the meeting FCNSW advised the community of an alternate preferred option that would require the need to upgrade two Council owned bridges, however they were unable to pursue this option as they did not own the bridges and could not spend money on assets they did not own. This information is somewhat contradictory as the same principal should apply if it was the case to the use of other public infrastructure (including Towamba and Burragate roads).



1.         Letters regarding forestry operations Towamba

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21 November 2018

Item 12.9 - Attachment 1

Letters regarding forestry operations Towamba









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21 November 2018

Item 12.9 - Attachment 2

Map 1



21 November 2018

Item 12.9 - Attachment 3

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