Declassified Council Reports

27 February 2019



Cr Kristy McBain, Mayor

Cr Mitchell Nadin, Deputy Mayor

Cr Tony Allen

Cr Robyn Bain

Cr Jo Dodds

Cr Russell Fitzpatrick

Cr Cathy Griff

Cr Sharon Tapscott

Cr Liz Seckold


General Manager, Ms Leanne Barnes

Director, Assets and Operations, Mr Anthony McMahon

Director,  Community, Environment and Planning, Dr Alice Howe

Director, Business and Governance, Mr Graham Stubbs

Executive Manager People and Governance, Ms Nina Churchward

Coordinator Communications and Events

Minute Secretary





Declassified Council Reports

27 February 2019

Item 1.1 - Attachment 1

Vacant Land Review 2019



1.1Declassification of attachment Item 11.2 Ordinary Council meeting 20 February 2019      


Report to provide copies of declassified reports and memorandums to the community.


General Manager  




On 20 February 2019 Council resolved:


Declassify confidential attachment


RESOLVED on the urgency motion of Crs Nadin and Griff

To declassify the confidential attachment Item 11.2 Land Divestment Options – Vacant Land Review 2019 with appropriate redactions.

In favour:             Crs Nadin, Griff, McBain, Seckold and Tapscott

Against:                  Crs Fitzpatrick, Bain, Dodds and Allen



The attachment of the above report is now declassified and are attached for publishing on Council’s website.

Attachments to the Closed session reports are subject to GIPA requirements.



1.          Vacant Land Review 2019